New P14X pictured just below


P17: R1200RT / R1250RT Passenger foot peg higher.  2.0" higher.

Handlebar ups   Driver lowering foot peg kit
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Left side  P14X

Position change 1.8" down , 0.4" forward.

P17 passenger footpeg higher, on R1200RT

Left side

Right side





P14X- R1200RTW - 1250RTW (2014 and newer)
Passenger Foot peg 1.8" lowering  Kit -  $219.95  
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P17- K1600GT/GTL - R1100RT- R1150RT- R1200RT - R1200RTW - R1250RTW
Passenger Foot peg 2" raising Kit -  $219.95  
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