BMW R1200RT (2005-2013)
R850R - R1100R - R1100RS - R1100RT - R1150RT

Foot peg lowering kit (driver only)

   DL3N fits all RT models 1996 to 2013.
DL3N Kit fits R1100RT, R1150RT, R1200RT, R850R, R1100R, R1100RS

If you currently own a DL3 kit and are moving up to a 2014 or newer RT, your current kit WILL fit the newer bikes.
The DL3N right side adapter has additional spring coil clearance to ease installation of the stronger springs used on the newer RT. Installing the old kit on a new bike may require a second set of hands to help.

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  Passenger peg kit

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Left Side

The shifter on this RT is attached to a spline shaft which is hiding behind the side panel. The shifter can be rotated counter clockwise one notch for a better position.


Net change is 1.45" down,
0.38" forward, total move 1.5"

Right side view


Right Side
The 2014 & newer  R1200RT does not have an adjustable stop on the brake pedal.
On previous models the brake pedal could
 be adjusted to a lower position to allow easier access when using the DL3N kit. This feature has been eliminated by the factory. 

The brake pedal on 1996 thru 2013 models have a stop bolt which can be backed out to lower the pedal. The linkage to the master cylinder must be shortened to maintain proper free play so that the rear brake will not drag. Your BMW dealer can make these adjustments for you.


DL3N Kit fits  R1200RT up to 2013, R1150RT, R1100RT, R850R, R1100R, R1100RS

DL3N   (Driver) Foot peg Lowering Kit  1996 -2013 $259.95 Add to Cart