(A) DRF3 R1100GS , R1150GS
DRF3 R1200GS '05 & early '06 first generation rear subframe.
DRF4 R1200GS 2006 to 2012 second generation rear subframe.
Do not use on Adventure model 2009 & newer.
DRF4 Pegs also fit R1200GS Adventure 2006 - 2008, 1.225" lower than factory pegs.

for R1200GSW 2013 & newer.
R1200GSW Adventure 2014 & newer
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R1100GS - R1150GS - R1200GS replacement 2024 aluminum foot pegs



The R12GS foot peg kit is available now. 
These are replacement pegs made from 2024 aluminum.
The rubber inserts are from the factory pegs.
Foot position is 1.4" lower and  0.4" more forward.
New springs are included for 2005
(first generation rear subframe).


Factory footpeg

Position with new footpeg

This is a close-up of the 2005 and very early 2006 GS foot peg bracket. Notice the round disc welded on the inside surface of the bracket.

    On this 2005 frame notice the brake pedal
     stopper  bolt on the right side of the picture.

Second generation R12GS rear sub frame
starting February 2006


Second generation R12GS footpeg


This is the new 2006 GS rear sub-frame.
The welded discs are gone.
The opening in the clevis is wider.

This is the new 2006 factory peg.
A spacer washer is glued to the peg.
Version 'C'  of our foot peg has a thicker base
to fit the new frame correctly.

For passenger peg lowering kits go to. ==>  GS passenger foot peg lowering kits

For the R1100 , R1150 & R1200GS, a different spring (we supply) is required.
For the "DRF4" R1200GS '06 and newer, the factory spring is used with the new foot peg.

R1200GS Adventure with replacement foot peg.
1.25 inches lower than factory peg.

Factory spring fits the new peg.  One end of spring needs to be trimmed.
Peg retracts a full 90 degrees.

For the R1200GS Adventure, order style "C" kit.


The 2006 & newer R1200GS does not have an adjustable stop on the brake pedal.
On previous models the brake pedal could
 be adjusted to a lower position to allow easier access when using our lower footpeg kits. This feature has been eliminated by the factory. 


Items "A" and "B" are now the same, both are listed as "A"


DRF3 -  R1150/ 1100GS
Replacement Foot peg Kit - $199.95 per pair
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DRF3 - R1200GS 2005 & early '06
Replacement Foot peg Kit - $199.95 per pair
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DRF4 - R1200GS 2006 -2012
 Replacement Foot peg Kit - $199.95 per pair
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