K1600 GT & GTL Passenger foot peg lowering kit,
& passenger foot peg raising kit.

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Pictured here, both driver and passenger kits installed.

Left side

Right side

Left side

Right side

On the GTL, the left side requires the use of a passenger peg from an RT or GS.
The GTL passenger peg does not clear the centerstand actuating arm when the kit is installed.

On the right side, the factory GTL peg fits well.

Footpeg moves 2.0" diagonally down and forward.

 P17- passenger footpeg raising kit

Prototypes pictured here.

P17 kit raises passenger footpeg 1.8"


In this picture the kit is installed on an R1100RT side panel using an RT footpeg.
The clevis pin goes in from the bottom with the washer and cotter pin on top.

In this photo the right side adapter is installed on the left to provide an alternative peg position.




Viewed from above, when using the GTL passenger footpeg.
Look closely and you can see the factory detent plate that holds the footpeg in the retracted position.


Also fits many R1100/1150/1200GS models.

P16N- K1600GT/GTL Passenger Foot peg LOWERING Kit -  $199.95

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17- K1600GT/GTL -R11/1150RT-R1200RT-R11/1150GS-R1200GS
Passenger Foot peg RAISING Kit -  $199.95

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