BMW K1600 GT and GTL
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Driver foot peg lowering kits for GT & GTL
Shift lever linkage rod extender.


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Peg is lower 1.5"


Installation tip:
Use our pin to hold the factory washer and spring in position.
Position the adapter in place, fit spring,
then install the factory pin from above.

DL16X fits both - K1600GT and K1600GTL 

Footpeg moves diagonally down and forward 1.6".


K1600GT and K1600GTL  


Note shifter in lower position.


shifter linkage extender.


Close-up of shifter linkage extender.
Installs on the right hand thread
of turnbuckle rod.

On recent models, BMW has eliminated the brake pedal adjuster bolt.
We do not have a solution for this.




DL16X - K1600GT & GTL Foot peg Lowering Kit -  $189.95

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K16E - K1600GT & GTL Linkage Extender -  $29.95

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