BMW K1600 GT / GTL /
Bagger / Grand America
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Driver foot peg lowering kits for GT , GTL & Bagger.
All years 2011 and newer.
Shift lever linkage rod extender.

For 2022, the K1600 models have a wider footpeg mounting clevis (0.930") compared to previous years ( 0.890"). The factory peg is still 0.770" wide in the head area. Our kit measures 0.790". This width difference results in end play in the lowering kit. We are now including extra flat washers to take up the extra space. Use as needed.   


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DL18Left DL18right

Left            DL18X on K1600Bagger               Right




Peg is lower 1.5"


Installation tip:
Use our pin to hold the factory washer and spring in position.
Position the adapter in place, fit spring,
then install the factory pin from above.


Footpeg moves down 1.45" and forward 0.38"


K1600GT and K1600GTL  


Note shifter in lower position.

2017  K1600GTL with shift assist.

shifter linkage extender.


Close-up of shifter linkage extender.
Installs on the right hand thread
of turnbuckle rod.

On most BMW motorcycle models designed or up-dated after 2005, the factory has eliminated the brake pedal adjuster bolt. There is no easy or economical way to lower the brake pedal
on these models.
In some cases, there are aftermarket brake
pedals available. Because of the linked braking system, most of our customers do not see this as a problem. 




DL18X - All  (2011 and newer)  K1600 GT / GTL and  K1600 Bagger
Footpeg lowering kit-  $279.95

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K16E - All  K1600GT & GTL & Bagger  - Linkage Extender -  $39.95

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