BMW K1200S/R, K1300S/R
foot peg lowering kit.
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Additional detailed pictures of the K1200S foot peg lowering kit.


Left side:
Shifter lowered by adjusting linkage
turn buckle to minimum length.
Pegs are 1.57" lower, 0.25" back.


Right side:
Rear brake master cylinder stays in place.
Linkage extender connects brake pedal to master cylinder.

In the picture above, the installed kit blocks
 access to the side stand (shiny black a bottom of image).
You will have to add some sort of additional
bracket to correct this.


Additional detailed pictures of the K1200S foot peg kit.

It has come to our attention that our kit was developed using a bike fitted
with an aftermarket exhaust, as pictured above.
When our kit is used with the factory exhaust (K1200S only), there is interference with the heat shield.
On the K1200S, the shield must be trimmed or reshaped to provide clearance with the brake pedal.
The K1300S does not have this problem.

The K1300S kit (DL-5N) includes an extender for the shifter linkage.
If you have shift assist, the ball joint at the lower end of the linkage is Locktited to the rod.
By heating up the ball joint/rod area with a hot air gun,
the Locktite will soften enough to allow the two pieces to come apart.
Otherwise, you risk breaking the Rod ($500.00) at the threads.
Therefore, dealer installation is recommended.

In 2013,  BMW built a special Anniversary model K1300S with special paint and different footpegs.
The DL5N does not fit this model. 

DL5  K1200S/R  Foot peg Lowering Kit - $279.95 Add to Cart
DL5N  K1300S/R  Foot peg Lowering Kit - $279.95 Add to Cart