BMW GS series Big Peg


R1150GS & Adventure
R1200GS 2005-2012 "Oilhead"
R1200GS Adventure 2006-2013 "Oilhead"
Big peg does not fit 2013 R1200GS "Waterhead"
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Big Peg mounted on 2005 R1200GS.
The factory rubber insert does not fit
into the slots on this peg.


Kit includes two each of peg, clevis pin, spring, spring alignment collar,
bottom stainless washer and cotter pin.


These four photos show the prototype
pegs with very deep teeth.


The Big Peg is lower by 1.25" to 1.5"
depending on the model of GS.


This photo shows a sample of the production Big Peg.
The teeth are slightly shallower than on the prototype pegs.

Another view of the final design.

Big Pegs are 4.9" long overall, with a grip area of
3.5 inches by 2 inches.

The pictures above show the first generation Big Peg (5.3" long).
The current peg is slightly shorter at 4.9"


The Big Peg kit fits the narrower frame clevis of all
R1100 / R1150 / R1200 GS models 1996 thru 2005.

For 2006 and newer bikes, the kit includes an aluminum spacer to fit the wider clevis of the
second generation rear sub-frame.


  In approximately February of 2006 all GS models came with the new Adventure rear sub frame.
The centerstand was moved forward for easier lifting and the side stand was changed.
The clevis for mounting the footpeg was widened to accommodate the Adventure footpeg.
On standard GS models a spacer washer was glued to the traditional GS peg to take up the extra space.    
Do Not use this footpeg on F650 / F800 / G560 models.  
Big peg does not fit 2013 & newer R1200GS "water head"  


DRF5 - R1100 - R1150GS  & ADV  Big Peg Kit -  $235.00

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DRF6 - (2005-2012) R1200GS & R1200GS ADV  Big Peg Kit -  $235.00

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