Viper 640 Sailboat
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#1 - Hauling the new Viper back from Beantown.

Sailing on Lake Erie 







#2-  First sail - in the driveway to check the fit of everything.- #3

#4-  A light air day on Lake Erie

Sailing on Lake Erie 

Extra mast support for full length transport.


These white straps are available at BMW motorcycle dealers.
They are used to tie down the bikes when they cross the pond.
Many dealers give them away.
I use 7 to strap down the running rigging and shrouds.

WalMart (pool toy), foam floatation tubing.



Wood spacer for Torqeedo electric outboard.

This keeps the motor's lower unit out of the water when tilted up and clear of the trailing edge when down.
2.25" thick (with 3" long mounting bolts) and 4" higher.


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