Ducati Monster handlebar M1 & M3 have been discontinued.

This page is here for reference only.

Holes for switchgear and throttle are pre-drilled for late
model Monsters, approximately 2003 and newer.
Earlier Monsters, some with aluminum bars,
have different hole locations that we do not accommodate.

The new M3 has an overall width is 29.5". Sweepback angle is 24 degrees.
New hand position is in-line with the handlebar clamps.
No other components need to be changed.

Some models of Monster 900sie from late 1990's to 2002 have
extra large instruments that do not clear the M1 bar.
The instruments would have to be moved or changed. 

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M3 handlebar on 696 Monster


 FZ07side view

 Yamaha FZ07


 A customer in Las Vegas has fitted an M1 handlebar to a Yamaha FZ07. Be advised, the switchgear holes are not in the correct location and the bar ends are not (Yamaha) threaded.
They have a 1" deep, 0.720 counterebore.
Check at an FZ07 forum for details.





The M3 bar (pictured at top) is designed to provide clearance for bikes with the coffin
type cast aluminum brake fluid reservoir.
The center tube is longer and projects out
over the tops of the forks.
Most models built from 2003 thru
2010 will use the M3.


We no longer make the M3 or M1 handlebar.



Pictured above is the original Monster bar which we
 now call the M1. If your Monster has fork preload
adjusters and plastic cups for brake and clutch fluid,
then you need the original M1 handlebar. 


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