AR-15 Clamp-On MaxRail  patent pending                                         
          Mount multiple sighting devices on an AR-15.            
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18" rail shown with Diamondhead 13.5" free float handguard.


The MaxRail is designed for use on AR-15's with full length upper Picatinny rails.
When installed, the rail creates a rigid structure of receiver and handguard allowing multiple
 precision optics to be mounted anywhere along the top surface of the gun.

Rails are available in 13" (6.2 oz) , 16" (7.4 oz)  and 18" (8.5 oz).

13" fits the M4 carbine with fixed front sight.
16" fits AR-15s with handguards 7" to 11" in length with removable sights.
18" fits free float handguards 12" to 15" long.

Standard finish is hardcoat anodize black.

Pictured above, a recoil lug on the underside locks the MaxRail to the receiver.






This carbine requires a quadrail handguard to accept the Maxrail. The front Picatinny gas block is an ideal third mounting point. Starting weight 5.85 lbs



Quadrail handguard installed with side and bottom rails milled off.  12 ozs reduced to 8.6 ozs.
Replaces 6 oz factory handguard.
No other modifications to the basic gun are required.

MaxRail attached

5 clamps on each side, grip receiver, handgrip and gas block.



With rail installed, weight 6 lb. 7.8 oz.

Scope, Red dot and folding Iron (polymer) sights installed.  Finished weight 7 lb. 15oz.

Top view of 16" rail.

Same gun fitted with the 33 slot 13" rail


Ruger 556 with 13"rail. A 16" rail will also fit.



A Burris 2 x 7 variable fits along with the Red-dot on riser blocks and iron sights


Clamp-On Max Rail 13" (33 slots) -  $139.95  Add to Cart


Clamp-On Max Rail 16" (40 slots) -  $159.95  Add to Cart


Clamp-On Max Rail 18" (46 slots) -  $169.95  Add to Cart


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