BMW 1200RT Handlebar Risers

R3 (1996 - 2004) no longer available

----No hose or cable changes are needed.----

Passenger foot peg lowering kit    Driver foot peg lowering kit
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View of rear view mirror with bar-ups
Kit includes 8 stainless steel 8 x 55mm
socket head cap screws.

One inch tall handlebar risers.
Net change .894 up , .447 back.

At the MOA Lima, OH rally, numerous R12RT owners sat on our bike with the handlebar risers installed and gave the new hand position high marks. The view through the mirrors is consistently better.
Production parts are clear anodized to match handlebar.

The handlebar up kit is now available with four 55mm and four 70mm long bolts for use with the BMW factory GPS.
The picture at right shows riders view of the instrument panel with the riser kit installed along with the GPS.



A close up view of the R12RT bar risers,
upper and lower surface.

R2GPS bolt kit for use with BMW factory
GPS mounting bracket.
R2 & R3 use 8 bolts, R4 uses 6 bolts.
For GPS units mounted on the handlebars attachment bolts.

The 2013 R1200RT mounts the GPS in the bodywork.
Therefore the long bolt kit is not needed.
Use kit #  R4 for all 2013 RT models.

This R1100R has the optional center console.
In this case the R3 will not fit on this bike.

R3 (1996 - 2004) no longer available




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