-BMW R1100RT & R1150RT-
Handlebar up kit.
 Passenger foot peg lowering and raising kits.

R1200RT driver foot peg kit ( DL3N) replaces the R1100RT & R1150RT kit
----No hose or cable changes are needed.----
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Part # R3 - Handlebar Ups for
R1100RT, R1150RT, R1100R, R850R
These are slightly different than the R1200RT risers.
There is a special clearance cut for the fork tube.


This R1150R has the optional center console.
The R2,R3,R4 will not fit on this bike.


Position change .894" up , 0.447" back,

R3- Handlebar UP  Kit - $119.95 Add to Cart

R3GPS Handlebar UP Kit (for R1150RT with factory GPS) - $125.95 Add to Cart


Passenger foot peg lowering kit (P3N)
Passenger foot peg raising kit (P17)

 R850R - R1100R - R1100RS - R100RT - R1150RT

 For a wide angle view of an RT with passenger pegs installed,

After numerous requests we have come up
  with something special for your favorite passenger.

With 1.75" of  offset, passengers with long legs will be able to stretch out in greater comfort with these foot peg adapters. 
Please note, with this kit the pegs are spring loaded and always in the down position. 

P3N R1200RT/R1150RT/R1100RT/R850R/R1100R/R1100RS Passenger Foot peg lowering Kit - $199.95




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P17- K1600GT/GTL -R11/1150RT-R1200RT-R11/1150GS-R1200GS 
Passenger Foot peg raising Kit -  $199.95  
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