Footpeg lowering kit and extended shift lever.
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 The DL-2 kit has been discontinued.



 Right side       




Left side     




Footpegs move diagonally down & forward at 30 degrees a distance of 1.8". 
This equals 1.47" down and 0.85"forward.
To clear the brake pedal and center stand actuating arm the pegs move to the side 1.2".

The extended shifter is 1.3" longer and 1.0" lower than standard.

This kit also works on the R1150RS with some minor interference between the left adapter and the center stand actuating arm. When deploying or retracting the center stand , the left peg/adapter must be retracted slightly.

The DL-2 kit has been discontinued.

DL2-R1150R/RS Footpeg Lowering Kit - $189.95 per pair

S2-R1150R/RS Extended Shift Lever -       $169.95
Limited number  AVAILABLE - call at 440-951-6555
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