-BMW R1100S comfort kits
Handlebar up kit has been discontinued.

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Close up view of the handlebar riser kit.
Two aluminum blocks tie the clip-ons above the triple clamp in the proper rotational position.
New stainless button head cap screws attach the clip-ons to the adapters.
Telelever front suspension allows the fork sliders to be raised up
through the upper triple clamp without affecting the bike's geometry.
The handgrips move up 2.25" and back 1.0".

None of the original wiring, hoses or cables needs to be changed,
except on non ABS models a longer brake hose is required.
For Brembo calipers (99 thru Jan 2001) use BMW part # 34-32-2-331-915

For BMW EVO calipers (Feb 2001 thru 2005) use BMW part # 34-32-7-651-553

Left hand grip wiring runs outside of the left fork tube.
Wiring tie wraps at the front of the gas tank are cut away to provide more slack in the wiring harness

The handlebar kit only works on bikes that come from the factory
with the clip-on handlebars mounted underneath the triple clamp. 
If your R1100S has its bars mounted above the triple clamp, our kit will not help.

R1-Handle Bar Riser Kit for R1100S - no longer available.   $00.00

DL4-Footpeg lowering kit for R1100S- no longer available $000.00

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