(NV1) "Steady Rest" stabilizer kit for
Winnebago  View and Navion

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NV1 production version pictured below.



When at rest, a Sprinter based motorhome is rigid laterally,
but the suspension system allows the body to roll.

The NV1 stabilizer, made from light weight aluminum,
will reduce body roll by 80 to 90%.

The kit consists of two adjustable length struts, two turnbuckles, two sliding feet,
two stainless brackets mounted to the receiver hitch frame and two 28" chains.
Aluminum feet slide on polyethylene shoes for ease of installation and removal.  

The entire kit weighs 14 lbs.

sliding foot
  Adjustable length stanchion with sliding foot.
Foot in final position.

Sliding foot in starting position.


The upper end of the struts are length adjustable in 1/2" increments. The top cross bars rest against the frame.

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