Ruger Mini-14 Picatinny rail mount

Attaches to the gas block using 8-32 x 1/2" stainless steel socket head cap screws (included).

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The forward position of the rail allows the scope to sit as low as possible over the barrel. Target acquisition is fast and familiar.


Allows easy access to the gas pipe
and cylinder for cleaning.

The rail only rests on the barrel at the gas block.


The barrel free floats under the rail.



The rail is CNC machined from 2024 aluminum
bar stock and is hardcoat anodized.

With the Burris SpeedDot 135, the front blade shows through the optics. The iron sites are usable with the optics in place.




Weight 2.6 ozs. , Length 5.45" ,Width 1.24" , Height 0.625"





New model Mini-14 Ranch rifle with stepped barrel.


Series 581 current production Mini-14 Ranch Rifle

Stepped barrel with top cap removed


First batch (raw aluminum) of  #758 rail fitted to stepped barrel.


 Red dot sight mounted on the rail.
Iron sights don't quite show through the optics on the 2008 & newer Mini.

Model 758 rail for current production stepped & tapered barrel Mini-14/ 30




 Leupold M8-4X pistol scope mounted on rail.
Position falls right in the sweet spot for eye relief.
Four power is about the limit for this application.
Scope image appears just above rear sight.
A 2X scope will have a 20 foot field of view at 100 yards.




Rail number 562 and 625 now available in silver



Rail with silver finish on stainless Mini 30.


Mini-14   1974 - 2007 have a 9/16" (.562) barrel diameter.
Mini-30  1987- 2007 barrel diameter is 5/8" (.625)
Mini-14 / 30,  5/8" stepped barrel 2008 and newer Part # 758

Installation requires a 9/64" Allen wrench, (included).
The Ruger factory screws are 8-36 (fine pitch) and are too short to use with the rail.
8-32 x 1/2" socket head cap screws, (included).

MR-562 for Mini-14 series numbers (180-XXXXX) thru (186-XXXXX)

MR-562 (Mini-14)  for 9/16" (.562) Black barrel -  $119.95 Add to Cart
MR-562 (Mini-14)  for 9/16" (.562) Silver finish -  $119.95 Add to Cart

MR-625 (Mini 30) for 5/8" (.625) Black barrel -  $119.95 Add to Cart
MR-625 (Mini 30) for 5/8" (.625) Silver finish -  $119.95 Add to Cart

MR-758 - for 58XX series tapered barrel (2008 & newer) Black -  $119.95 Add to Cart


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