BMW K1200GT & K1300GT 2006 & newer
Handlebar Backs & Ups
----No hose or cable changes are needed.----
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Part #BB4 is made specifically for the K1300GT and will also fit the K1200GT.

This picture shows sample parts from the first production run, prior to anodizing.

These new adapters can be used in the highest position and will move the hand grips
approximately 1.1" up and 1.1" back. The diagonal move from the factory position is 1.55"


These pictures are of prototypes (modified BB3 adapters)


This pic shows brake hose just touching lower handlebar casting at full lock right.


BB4 updated installation instructions at bottom of page

BB4 shopping cart at bottom of page


BB3 is no longer available.
Use BB4 for all GT models 2006 and newer




The BB4 now comes with 1/4" x 20 threaded holes in the top surface for attaching a RAM ball mount.
Stainless button head cap screws are included for mounting an accessory plate across the two adapters. 


BB4  K1200 / K1300 GT  2006 & Newer
Handlebar Riser Kit - $199.95
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Installation instructions: 7-10-2009

This is a two person job (4 hands). You will need padding to protect the gas tank bodywork. Two thick bath towels will do. Torx tools are required to do anything on the new BMWs. A 6mm Allen is needed for our bolts. The kit includes two M8x35 bolts, two 6mm button head bolts, two stainless washers and two aluminum adapters.

On the back side of the handlebars is a black plastic cover held on by two Torx screws. There are two fragile plastic fingers on the front side of the cover that help guide it into position during assembly. Remove this cover to gain access to the hardware that holds the bars to the steering top plate.

On both the left and right side of the steering head top plate there are two metal tabs that hold wiring in place. To move the handlebar to a new position the wires must be removed from behind the tabs to provide enough slack. A little wiggling can usually get the wires free from the tabs.

The handlebar attachment bolts thread into "T" nuts that fit in a slot in the back surface of the handlebar. This "T" nut and Torx bolt will be reused, but the cap nut, spring and folded sheet metal plate will NOT be used.

Remove the cap nut using a 13mm wrench or socket.

Loosen the M8 Torx bolts. The "T" nut and other hardware will fall free as you remove the M8 bolts.

The spring can easily fall into the bodywork and be lost forever, try to avoid this.

Let the HB rest on the padding.


First attach our adapters to the top plate using our M8 Allen head bolts together with the BMW factory washers. See the picture at right.

Tighten to 20 Newton meters or 15 -16 foot pounds.

There are five possible positions to fit the upper handlebar to the adapters. The highest will give approximately 1.5" diagonally up and back (45 degrees) from the factory position.

Attach the HB to the adapters using the BMW factory 8 x 45mm Torx head bolts and our flat washers.

Note in the picture that the "T" Nut is reversed and the other parts are not used.

This arrangement maximizes the contact area between the handlebar and adapter for maximum strength.

The clutch hydraulic hose is tie wrapped to a tab on the right side of the inner fairing panel. The tie wrap must be removed to provide enough slack in the hose to turn full lock left.

Use the included slippery black spiral wrap on the brake hose where it touches the steering plate.

Optional: Tie wraps can be used to secure the wiring to the metal tabs in a manner that will allow turning full lock without binding. Radio Shack spiral wrap may also be useful here as well.

Check throttle cables, wiring, brake and clutch hoses to make sure they do not bind at full lock left and right.

The two M6 button head bolts are provided for you to attach accessories.